Staffing Shortages

Navigating the Storm: Pharmacy Staffing Shortages and Solutions

Explore the complex factors leading to pharmacy staffing shortages and a solution that offers a way to mitigate those challenges.

Navigating the Storm: Pharmacy Staffing Shortages and Solutions
Danielle Dinglasan

Danielle Dinglasan

Product Marketing Manager at SureCost

Pharmacies stand as pillars of support for communities, ensuring access to vital medications and healthcare services. However, a looming crisis threatens to undermine this crucial infrastructure: pharmacy staffing shortages. As we delve into this multifaceted issue, it becomes evident that various factors intertwine to exacerbate the problem, ranging from supply chain disruptions to the challenges faced by independent retail pharmacies.

The Supply Chain Conundrum

At the heart of pharmacy operations lies the intricate web of the supply chain. Here, disruptions reverberate through each link, creating ripple effects that disrupt the flow of medications to pharmacies worldwide. Recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have laid bare the vulnerabilities of this system. From manufacturing delays to transportation bottlenecks, pharmacies find themselves grappling with erratic supplies, making it arduous to meet the demands of patients.

The Burden of Rising Drug Prices

Simultaneously, the burden of escalating drug prices further strains the already taut fabric of pharmacy staffing. As pharmaceutical companies hike prices, pharmacies face mounting pressure to maintain affordability for their customers. This conundrum leaves pharmacies in a precarious position, balancing the need to remain financially viable while upholding their commitment to accessible healthcare.

The Toll of Long Hours

Amidst these challenges, pharmacy staff find themselves on the frontline, bearing the brunt of the crisis. Long hours, coupled with the relentless pace of the healthcare industry, exact a toll on their well-being. Burnout becomes a pervasive issue, as pharmacists and technicians navigate the delicate balance between professional responsibilities and personal health.

Unique Challenges for Independent Retail Pharmacies

For independent retail pharmacies, the struggle is particularly pronounced. Lacking the resources and bargaining power of larger chains, they often find themselves at the mercy of market forces. Staffing shortages hit harder, exacerbating workload pressures and jeopardizing the quality of patient care. Moreover, navigating the labyrinth of regulatory compliance and reimbursement complexities adds another layer of challenge for these small businesses.

SureCost is the Ultimate Solution for Pharmacies

Here at SureCost, we believe in the power of Smarter Purchasing. Having a centralized purchasing platform to simplify operations is crucial to eliminating the challenges of staffing shortages.

Many pharmacy professionals find themselves tasked with purchasing management duties: assessing inventory needs, comparing numerous product catalogs to secure the best deals, and navigating through various vendor platforms to place orders.

Procurement is undeniably a time-consuming and often monotonous endeavor. With countless product listings spread across multiple interfaces, your team can spend hours searching for the right items, often without assurance that they've found the most cost-effective options. Furthermore, this process not only exhausts staff but also diverts their attention away from patient care.

Implementing a unified solution for managing purchases across all vendors saves time and streamlines operations. This solution transforms a previously tedious task into a swift and straightforward process, enabling staff to promptly return to patient service. 

By consolidating purchases through a single interface, your team can effortlessly compare vendors and submit orders. SureCost’s features such as primary vendor assurance and package-level verification alleviate concerns about compliance with vendor agreements and upcoming regulatory updates, such as those outlined in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

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